Lighting the Fire

eagle-certificateA motivated parent is not the same thing as a motivated Scout!  Yes, we know all the wonderful experiences and learning that occurs when a youngster stays with the Scouting program and earns Eagle Scout rank.  (Not to mention how it looks on a college application or job resume.) Unfortunately, communicating our enthusiasm to our adolescent son may be difficult.

And after years of Eagle coaching, I can assure you that it is a Scout’s enthusiasm (not the enthusiasm of his parents or guardians) that will get him across the finish line.  So how exactly do we light this fire?

I have seen more Scouts motivated by an Eagle Scout Court of Honor than any other factor.  If you have never been to an Eagle Court of Honor, it is a celebration of the young man’s life, usually with a comprehensive display of his achievements.  He is honored in front of his family and peers, and charged with the responsibility of being an Eagle Scout for the rest of his life.  In short, it is a coming-of-age ceremony in a society that is sadly lacking in honoring our children’s ascent into adulthood.

Take your son to an Eagle Court of Honor as early as possible, perhaps as a Cub Scout.  After witnessing an Eagle Court of Honor, many boys find the urge to become an Eagle Scout irresistible.  And more importantly, it’s their idea and not yours!