Twofers in Scouting

One of the functions of a Eagle coach is to help a Scout accomplish the tasks necessary for advancement in an efficient manner.  This just means that you are getting things done with a minimum of effort.  Sound interesting?  You bet.

There are a number of advancement requirements that allow you to complete one task and have it count in two different places.  This is the Scouting version of twofers!  Let’s talk about several.

1.  First Aid merit badge:  A good portion of the First Aid merit badge is demonstrating your knowledge of the Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class first aid advancement requirements.  If you earn this merit badge early in your Scouting career (summer camp is ideal), you will also have completed the first aid requirements for all your rank advancement!

2.  Personal Management merit badge:  Requirement 9 asks for you to complete a written project plan.  This is a plan on paper, not a real life project.  As an Eagle coach, I always recommend that Personal Management be one of the very last merit badges that you earn.  One reason is that much of the merit badge concerns sophisticated concepts that are more appropriate for older teens.  But the other reason is that if you have completed your Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project proposal, this will completely fulfill the requirements of Requirement 9.  (Just the proposal is necessary, not the final plan or the actual project completion.)

3.  BSA allows a single project to count for both an Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project and a Hornaday Award.  If an environmental project interests you, it might be worth your time to explore this possibility.  The project alone will not earn you a Hornaday Award, as there are other requirements as well.  But carefully developed, a single project can be used for both.

4.  Both the Communications and Citizenship in the Community merit badges require you to attend a public meeting.  What you have to do at the meeting is somewhat different, but there is no reason you cannot attend one meeting and do both requirements at the same time.