Wear Your Uniform!

Boy Scout in uniformAs you work on your merit badges or Eagle service project, you will be interacting with many people.  As you advance beyond First Class Rank, one of the major objectives in continuing rank advancement is for you to demonstrate leadership and your ability to work with people.  And it is THE major accomplishment to demonstrate in your Eagle Board of Review.

EVERYONE will take you more seriously when you wear your uniform.  As you will discover when you become an Eagle Scout, the accomplishment is nearly universally admired.  When you are in uniform, people will go out of their way to help you (and in the process usually tell you stories about their son, brother or father who became an Eagle Scout, or just missed!)

I can tell you that as an Eagle Coach and merit badge counselor, I know that I have a serious and motivated Scout when he comes to a meeting with me dressed in his Scout uniform.  I like to work with serious and motivated people, and will usually go the extra mile to assist them.  That is just human nature. Doors will open for you when you appear in uniform with your Eagle Scout Service Project proposal in hand!

So put this tool to work for you in all your merit badge and Eagle service project meetings, especially those meetings where you are asking for help or donations!  You don’t need to wear your merit badge sash or every last patch, but your uniform should be neat and clean, shirt tucked in, with presentable shoes.  As a future Eagle Scout, you are taking pride in who you are and what you stand for.  The Scout uniform demonstrates that to the world.