Boys’ Life Eagle Project Showcase

boys-life-eagle-project-showcase-bannerA great new resource for Eagle Scout candidates is here!  If you are looking for an Eagle Project, this new website is a must.  Sponsored by Boys’ Life, this is a wonderful source of creative and different projects.  And, it’s sorted by category.  So pick your category and then scroll through the projects.  Categories include projects for animals, gardens, historic sites, erosion control, trails, veterans, wildlife, churches, schools and many more.

hunter-duffel-bag-projectFor example, the Scout to the left is Hunter, and his Eagle Service Project raised $10,000 to fill and provide 100 duffel bags for foster kids who are moving from home to home.  It was so successful, that he later developed a plan to provide more than 3,000 duffel bags to children in 22 counties in his state.

So, check out the website!    Who says finding an Eagle Service Project has to be hard!

And if you have already finished your project, consider telling Boys’ Life about your project by submitting the information online.  There is also information on how your can submit your project for consideration of the The Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award.

“Oh, the possibilities!”

Coach Hunt

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