Ideas for Eagle Projects

Eagle-coyotes-484-220x115Okay, why do I have a photograph of a coyote in a blog for Eagle Scout candidates?  Because this coyote was the beneficiary of an Eagle Scout project to build shelters for coyotes!  (I am sure that all coyotes would love to have a place to rest after chasing roadrunners.)

You can read about this and other great Eagle Project ideas at  It is a great source for Eagle Project ideas.  To go directly to Eagle Projects, use this link:

Let’s see … we have hiking trails, meditation paths, dog beds, ga-ga pits (?), college campus renovation, a seed library, an anti-bullying project, cemetery restoration, creating prosthetic hands with a 3-D printer, a fire-pit, a walking track, a learning garden, providing needy kids with bicycles, replacing a walkway, a Blues-A-Tron invention (?), a dog agility park, and a bee-nesting project.  And many more.  A great illustration that there are potential Eagle Projects everywhere!

I have NEVER had an Eagle candidate fail because he could not find a project.  So don’t get discouraged, get creative!

“Oh, the possibilities!”

Coach Hunt

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