Revised Eagle Application Checklist

Eagle-Scout-Rank-Application-ChecklistThe EagleCoach checklist for your Eagle Scout application has been extensively revised for 2016.  Once you have completed your Eagle Scout Service project, merit badges, leadership and other requirements, you are ready to prepare your Eagle Scout application.

The Eagle Scout application is a very detailed document, but the EagleCoach checklist will walk you through the process.  Simply print out this checklist and follow the directions, step-by-step.  The only caution is that the details may vary for different Councils, so please check your Council website for full information.  If this checklist conflicts with requirements from your Council, please follow their instructions!

The revised checklist is now available on the Downloads page of this website.  Or you can click here:  Eagle Scout Application Checklist.

“Oh, the possibilities!”

Coach Hunt

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