The new Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

Now that the new year has started, it is mandatory for all Eagle Scout candidates to use the new Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. (The only exception is if you already have a project proposal completely approved under the old workbook. In that case, you may continue your project as proposed.)

There are significant changes. There are now two stages to the planning, a conceptual “Proposal” that does not include a lot of the detail, and a “Final Plan”, which includes all the details. You must obtain approval on the project from your unit leader, committee representative, District representative, and the beneficiary of the project for the “Proposal” ONLY. It is highly recommended however, that your District representative review your “Final Plan”, to make sure will it will meet all standards for your Eagle Board of Review.

The biggest change is that ALL fundraising must now be approved by your Council at least two weeks in advance. There is a form in the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook to do just that.

Finally, the position of Eagle Coach is now official, and all Eagle Coaches must be approved by their Council. If your unit does not have an Eagle Coach, contact your District Advancement Chairman for a referral or suggestions.

I suggest that you download a copy of the new workbook (see “Downloads” on this site) and read it carefully, along with your parents and/or advisor. And don’t forget – earning Eagle Scout this year earns you a special Centennial Eagle patch. The first Eagle Scout rank was awarded 100 years ago in 1912!

2 thoughts on “The new Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you could give some insight as to the details and responsibilities of the “Eagle Coach”. Is it an actual position that they will need to do an Adult application for? We are looking at this to be a “troop position”……any feedback would be wonderful!

    • Great question! The new BSA Advancement Guide recognizes an Eagle Scout Coach as an official position. Eagle Coaches must be registered adult volunteers, have youth-protection training, AND be approved by their local Council as an Eagle Coach. Check with your Council. They may have delegated this responsibility down to the District level, but in any case, an Eagle Coach needs to be approved. There is now even space in the Eagle Service Project Workbook to record all the contact information for the Eagle Coach on the project.

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